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Gates of Olympus 1000

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Experience the thrill of premier sports and top e-sports events, along with real-person entertainment, including 365bet's comprehensive betting options available in multiple languages such as Chinese and catered to Hong Kong users. Dive into the world of football with competitive odds, place your bets at various betting stations, and try your luck at the Mark Six lottery betting stations. With 747 Live Casino, immerse yourself in a wide array of electronic games like roulette, lucky draw, poker, and baccarat. The latest and most complete entertainment projects are all within reach, offering an unparalleled experience right in the palm of your hand.



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Premier League 365Bet with AIA: The Sports Bettor’s Haven!

In the ever-evolving world of online sports betting, one name stands out for providing an unparalleled experience: 365bet. Catering to enthusiasts globally, including a robust 365bet 中文 community and dedicated services like 365bet 香港, this platform transcends language and location barriers. Whether you’re a soccer aficionado tracking the latest 足球賠率 or a thrill-seeker exploring live casino action, your journey towards epic wins begins here.

Bridging Gaps: How AIA Addresses the Core Needs of Bettors

  1. Diverse Betting Opportunities Under One Roof

Have you ever dreamt of a place where you can jump from the thrill of the Premier League matches to the excitement of our 747 Live Casino without missing a beat? We make this dream a reality. Imagine having 足球賠率, 啤牌, 輪盤, and baccarat just a click away. No more hopping from site to site – it’s all here under one virtual roof.

  1. A Global Playground, Just for You

We definitely know how colorful and diverse the betting world is. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to make every single one feel at home. Whether you speak Chinese or call Hong Kong your home, we’ve tailored our platform with you in mind – from 足球賠率 to support, making betting as convenient as it is exhilarating.

  1. Empowering Bettors with Knowledge and Tools

Venturing into the world of betting without adequate knowledge can be daunting. Whether it’s understanding the nuances or mastering strategies, we definitely empower you with resources, guides, and tips. This educational approach ensures that both seasoned bettors and newcomers can enhance their skills and make informed decisions.

Start Your Fun Journey: It’s Game Time!

This is where your betting adventure is about to take off in the most exciting way! Here’s how to jump in and join the fun:

Step 1: Enter into our World

This is going to be your first stop. Picture this: You’re stepping into the biggest, the stunning virtual stadium ever. The best is that this platform is filled with games and sports from every corner of the globe. This is where your adventure begins. This place is like opening a door to a place where every game you can think of is waiting for you to play.

Step 2: Discover Endless Fun

Now that you’re here, you need to get ready to explore! This platform is like being in a giant amusement park but for sports and games. Whether you’re all about the thrill of football matches or love the speed of live racing games, there’s something here for you. Each game is a new ride, and you’ve got an all-access pass. Take your time, look around, and find your favorites. Every click is a step into a new adventure!

Step 3: Become Part of Our Family

Signing up is like getting a VIP ticket to the best club. This step is where the magic happens: you unlock exclusive games, get the best deals, and join a community of fellow game lovers. Imagine getting a special key that opens up a treasure chest of goodies just for you. Signing up is very easy – just a few quick details, and you’re in! Welcome to the club, where you’re always the star player.

Get Ready for Fun: Your Guide to Starting Your Adventure!

premier league

App Adventure: Your Fun, Just a Tap Away!

Do you want to dive into the fun anytime, anywhere? This app is going to be your ticket to a world of excitement. Here’s how to get on board:

  • Spot the QR Code: Head to our website and look for the QR Code. This is going to be your secret gateway. All you have to do is grab your phone, scan the code, and you’re on your way to some fantastic fun.
  • Choose Your Side: Are you an iPhone user or an Android fan? Do not worry! Because we welcome every single one! This means that you can pick the version that matches your phone in order to make sure a smooth journey.
  • Download and Launch: Now, you need to follow the simple download steps. Once the app lands on your phone, tap to open it, sign in, and then you can unlock endless entertainment in the palm of your hand!

How to Download for iOS and Android – A Simple Guide

aiasport qr code

For iOS (iPhone) Users:

  • After you scan the QR code, tap on the download link suitable for iOS.
  • You’ll be directed to the App Store. Click ‘Get’ to start downloading.
  • Once downloaded, open the app, log in with your details, and you’re all set to explore!

For Android Users:

  • Scan the QR code and select the Android QR
  • link.
  • Your phone might ask for permission to download from an unknown source. Go to your settings and allow the download.
  • After the download, open the file to install the app. You might need to give permission again in order to confirm the safety.
  • With the app installed, open it, sign in, and our world of sports and betting will be yours to enjoy.

Browser Browsing: Dive in Without Downloading

Do you prefer not to download another app? No problem! Because you can still leap into the action directly through your phone’s web browser. Just type in any of these magic links:

You can consider every single URL as your express ticket to the thrilling world of games and sports. It is because no app is required. It’s the perfect pick for those who love to keep it simple and dive right into the fun.

Moreover, always remember that no matter which path you choose, an incredible adventure awaits. On this platform, every single lick brings new excitement, and the thrill of the game is always just a moment away. Get ready to explore, play, and win. This is going to be your ultimate sports and gaming experience and it starts now!

Enter the Arena of Adventure: Our Premier Games Showcase!

747 live casino

This is your opportunity where you can

dive into a world of thrilling games and unmatched entertainment with us. Here’s a glimpse into our diverse universe of top-tier games and our prestigious partners:

  1. Sports: A Global Arena

Here, you can experience the pinnacle of sports betting with the highest odds in the industry. Whether it’s the 足球賠率, basketball, tennis, or any sport in between, we’ve got it all. This means that every single player who joins our platform can enjoy a variety of betting options like handicap, over/under, half-time/full-time, and more. Furthermore, don’t miss out on our animated and 747 Live video broadcasts that bring the game to life right before your eyes.

Our Esteemed Partners:

  1. 747 Live Casino: Glamour and Excitement

Moreover, on this platform you can step into our virtual casino and indulge in the luxury of live dealer games. With beautiful anchors and interactive games like 啤牌, Baccarat, 輪盤 and many other games. Our live casino offers a unique blend of entertainment and gaming. Try your luck at:

Featured Games:

  • DG Real Person
  • AB Real Person
  • Pretty Real Person
  • SEXY Real Person
  • BG Dayou Zhenren
  • WE Real Person
  1. Board Games: Strategy and Fun

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the rich tradition of board games with our extensive selection? These board games range from strategy-based chess to lively card games, there’s always something new to explore. Perfect for friendly competitions or casual fun, our board games promise endless enjoyment.

Popular Picks:

  • Leyou Chess and Cards
  • God of Wealth Chess and Cards
  • Happy Chess and Cards
  • Kaiyuan Chess and Cards
  1. E-Sports: The Digital Battleground

This is the opportunity that we offer so that you can stay ahead in the fast-paced world of E-Sports. We offer major events and more than 100 games. In addition to that, we provide an efficient and visually stunning platform for easy betting and maximum excitement.

Top Games:

  • IN THE
  • Thunder Fire
  • IA
  1. Lottery Games: Luck and Excitement

With over 100 ways to win, one is through the Lucky Draw, our lottery games are designed to thrill. Our platform is always committed to providing a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. This will definitely make sure that every single draw is just and transparent.

Trusted Partners:

  • TCG Lottery
  • VR Lottery
  1. Slot Games: A Universe of Fun

This is where you can explore an endless variety of slot games, from classic machines to modern scratch games, chess, cards, and arcade adventures. AIA Sports is your destination for free games and huge bonuses.

Our Partners in Fun:

  • TTG Electronics
  • PP Electronics
  • JDB Electronics
  • AE Electronics
  • PNG Electronics
  • PG Electronics

Here, we’re dedicated to offering a premier gaming experience with a wide range of options to suit every taste. Join us now and step into a world where excitement is a constant companion!

Promotions That Boost Your Bets!


  1. Limited Time Offer: Explore Our Hot Welfare Benefits

You can jump right into the fun with our special, limited-time deals! Get better odds for big soccer games, extra goodies for our casino fans, and much more. These hot perks are here to help you win big and have an even better time. Therefore, keep an eye on our deals page so you don’t miss out on these awesome chances to score!

  1. Bring Friends, Get Cash!

You can share the fun of our 投注站 and get more rewards! When you invite your friends to join in on the excitement and they make their first bet, both of you get cash bonuses. It’s our thank-you for helping our family of players grow. So, start inviting and let’s all enjoy some extra cash together!

  1. VIP Perks: Exclusive Bonuses & Big Rebates Just for You!

Step up your game at our 投注站 with our VIP Perks. These are made for our most loyal players; you get extra bonuses and very big rebates that are hard to find anywhere else. You’ll get VIP service, special access to events, and first dibs on promotions.

  1. First Deposit Discount: Unmatched Rebate in the Industry

Are you making your first deposit? We welcome you with the industry’s highest first deposit rebate. This promotion is our way of boosting your initial betting pool, giving you more freedom to explore all that we offer, from 輪盤 to 啤牌, without the usual constraints. It’s straightforward: the more you deposit, the higher your rebate. Start your betting journey on the right foot!

Maximize Your Winnings: A Quick Guide to 六合彩 投注站

  1. Maximum Payouts Defined:
  • For a Single Bet: Capped at 100,000 yuan.
  • Per Account, Per Drawing: Maximum compensation also stands at 100,000 yuan.
  1. Gameplay Instructions:
  • Special Code: Secure a win by aligning your bet with the final number (known as the special code) released in the current draw. Wins are strictly for exact matches.
  • Positive Code: Identify the initial 6 numbers (positive codes) as they are drawn. Winning is determined if your bet matches positive code 1 directly.
  • Color Wave: Engage in betting based on the special code’s color wave, including its odd/even and size characteristics. Matching the drawn special code with your bet combination equals a win. Note: If the special code is 49, it’s a draw, and stakes are refunded.
  • Zodiac Signs:
    • Special Number: Wins occur when the special code and your zodiac sign bet align.
    • One Zodiac: A win is achieved if any of the 7 numbers drawn match the bet’s zodiac sign, with payouts issued once, irrespective of the number of matches.
    • Six Zodiac Signs: Allows for multiple bets, winning if the special code and the zodiac sign bet coincide.
  1. Additional Tips for Success
  • Annual Adjustment: Remember, the numbers linked to zodiac signs shift downwards every year, aligning with the first day of the lunar new year. Keeping this in mind helps in making informed bets.
  • Strategic Betting: Consider diversifying your bets across different categories to increase your chances of winning. Don’t put all your money on one type of bet.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly check for updates on odds, zodiac adjustments, and any changes in lottery rules or payout caps that could affect your strategy.
  • Budget Wisely: Always bet within your means. Set a budget for your lottery entertainment and stick to it to avoid any financial strain.
  • Understand the Odds: Take some time to understand the odds of the different bet types. This knowledge can guide you in choosing where to place your bets more strategically.
  • Keep Records: Maintain a record of your bets, wins, and losses. This can help you analyze your betting patterns and adjust your strategy over time for better outcomes.

Incorporate these strategies and tips into your 六合彩 投注站 gameplay to enhance your betting experience and potentially increase your winnings. Remember, gambling should always be approached with caution and responsibility.

How to Add Money to Your Account: A Simple Guide

  1. Adding money to your account is easy and fast. Here’s what you need to know:
  • How Quick? Your money will arrive in just 5 minutes most times.
  • Anytime Deposit: You can add money 24/7, even with our quick recharge options
  • How Much Can You Add? If you are using either bank transfer or the quick recharge, you can add between 50 yuan and 20,000 yuan in one go.
  1. Ways to Add Money:
  • What’s Available Now: You can use a bank transfer or a quick recharge.
  • Banks You Can Use: Right now, we work with China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and Bank of Jiangsu.
  1. What’s Coming: We’re planning to let you use more banks and other ways to pay soon. We will definitely update you with the recent announcements. Therefore, it is important to always be in touch with us.
  2. Online Banking: We’ve got special fast lanes for certain banks to make things even quicker.
  3. Quick Recharge Banks: We accept a lot of banks, including big names like ICBC, China Construction Bank, and more.
  4. Common Issues for Deposit Delays
  • You didn’t use the newest bank information we gave.
  • You made a mistake or forgot to add a note when you sent the money.
  • The amount you said you’d send didn’t match what you actually sent.
  • You waited more than 30 minutes to send the money after filling in your deposit information.

For a smooth deposit experience, always make sure to follow the provided guidelines and check for the latest updates on supported banks and payment methods.

How to Withdraw Money from Your Account: A Simple Guide

  1. Getting Your Money Fast: Withdrawals usually land in your account within 5 minutes.
  2. Withdrawal Times:
  • You can withdraw money between 10 am and 2 am.
  • We work with many banks, including ICBC, China Construction Bank, and more.
  1. How Much Can You Take Out? Withdraw at least RMB 50 and up to RMB 200,000 a day.
  2. Remember This: You need to bet 30% of your deposited amount before you can withdraw.
  3. Fees for Withdrawing:
  • The first 5 withdrawals are free.
  • For 6-10 withdrawals, there’s a 1% fee (max RMB 200 each time).
  • For 11-15 withdrawals, it’s a 2% fee (max RMB 400 each time).
  1. Why Withdrawals Might Not Work:
  • You haven’t bet 30% of your deposit.
  • Wrong bank card info.
  • Bank card is frozen or expired.
  1. Fixing Withdrawal Issues:
  • For betting requirements, make sure you’ve bet enough.
  • For bank issues, update your bank card details with help from customer service.

Why Settle for Less? 365bet Delivers Top-Tier Betting Like No Other!


On this platform, we transcend the conventional boundaries of a 投注站. We are a vibrant community of enthusiasts, united by our love for the game’s thrill and the anticipation of victory. Our platform, accessible through 365bet 中文, 365bet 香港, and various other services. These are dedicated to delivering a secure, fair, and exhilarating betting experience. But our commitment goes far beyond:

  1. Innovative Entertainment at Your Fingertips

This is your chance where you can dive into the world’s first integrated entertainment native app, designed for seamless performance. From a vast array of sports, top-tier e-sports events, 747 Live Casino action, lottery, to electronic games. We always make sure to bring you the latest and most comprehensive entertainment projects. Every single thing you desire is now in the palm of your hand – just scan the QR code, download, and immerse in the excitement instantly!

  1. Unmatched Sports Betting

Are you ready to experience the highest odds across the industry with us? We cover global events and offer diverse betting options like handicaps, over/under, half-time/full-time, and more. Our animated and video 747 Live broadcasts enhance your betting journey. This will definitely allow for an enjoyable chat and bet experience.

  1. Swift Financial Transactions

Thanks to our cutting-edge, independently developed financial processing system, you can enjoy exceptionally rapid deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. This is because our exclusive network optimization technology ensures a premium gaming experience with optimized network latency.

  1. Top-tier Security

With our unique 128-bit encryption technology and a stringent security management system, your funds are fully safeguarded. This means that you can bet and entertain with peace of mind, knowing your financial security is our top priority.

  1. A World of Events

On our platform, we guarantee that you can engage daily with nearly a thousand thrilling sports events, alongside a plethora of entertainment choices including our 747 Live Casino action, lottery, 足球賠率, 輪盤, Lucky Draws, 啤牌, Baccarat and electronic games. There are all crafted to deliver a flawless gaming experience.

  1. Accredited and Secure:

This platform proudly holds licenses and certifications from respected bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the British Virgin Islands (BVI), and the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). Rest assured; your entertainment is in accredited hands. In addition to that, please remember that fun is reserved for those over 18!

  1. Dedicated Support & 24/7 Customer Service

On this platform, we prioritize your seamless gaming experience, offering swift assistance with deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, our exceptional customer service team is on standby around the clock, ready to provide prompt, high-quality support for all your needs. With us, you’re never alone in your betting journey.

  1. Multiple Access Points

Our technological prowess offers you the flexibility of Web, H5, and native iOS and Android apps. Our comprehensive suite of terminal applications ensures you can enjoy betting and entertainment anytime, anywhere, complemented by 24/7 online customer service for the utmost in convenience and care.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know to Win Big!

  1. Are AIA Sports and 365bet Legal? Yes, AIA Sports is legally operated under Oriental Group in the Philippines. Betting on 365bet is also legal in many places. Always check local laws to make sure.
  2. Is AIA sports secure? Our technical team is on guard around the clock, ensuring the safety of all player data. Rest assured, we keep your personal information private and never share it with third parties.
  3. How long can users access account activity records? Users can review any changes to their account for up to 30 days. Records older than this period are automatically deleted.
  4. Have you forgotten your password? Can’t recall your password? Our online help desk is here for you. They’ll walk you through the password reset procedure swiftly and securely. Make sure to keep your personal details confidential and share them only with verified sources.
  5. Are there any bonuses for new users? Yes, new users can enjoy welcome bonuses and other promotions. Visit our site to discover the latest offers!

Join Us Now and Transform Your Betting Experience!

Dive into a realm where your enthusiasm for sports and casino games meets unmatched service and innovation at 365bet 中文. By visiting, you’ll join a revolution in online betting, where each game is a step forward, and every win is a moment of celebration. This is where champions play, and legends are born, offering a unique gateway to a world brimming with sports and casino excitement. Here, promotions amplify your dedication and victories, welcoming you to a community where every game holds a new opportunity, and your next big win is just a bet away. Your journey to the top starts download here.